b r o t h e r . s m i l e

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I smile because you are my brother, I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it.

I am not going to lie - I KNEW this kid was going to be an absolute rockstar big brother. He is a complete light in this world - full of energy and entertainment. What I didn’t know was how much of a natural nurturer he is! This kid was all about snuggling his little brother and even making sure mom was getting the royal treatment with tons of extra kisses and hugs, too! He also tag-teamed with dad to make sure everyone was laughing with costume changes, tricks, and helping out before anyone even knew they needed assistance (lots of extra clicks on the camera!) The fun has only just begun for this sweet family! xo


1P7A45891P7A4589 1P7A45921P7A4592 1P7A45931P7A4593 1P7A45981P7A4598 1P7A46021P7A4602 1P7A46041P7A4604 1P7A46061P7A4606 1P7A46171P7A4617 1P7A46181P7A4618 1P7A46241P7A4624 1P7A46271P7A4627 1P7A46351P7A4635 1P7A46431P7A4643 1P7A46471P7A4647 1P7A46621P7A4662 1P7A46681P7A4668 1P7A46831P7A4683 1P7A47091P7A4709 1P7A47101P7A4710 1P7A47251P7A4725 1P7A47481P7A4748 1P7A47561P7A4756 1P7A47601P7A4760 1P7A47691P7A4769 1P7A47881P7A4788 1P7A47981P7A4798 1P7A47991P7A4799 1P7A48091P7A4809 1P7A48131P7A4813 1P7A48161P7A4816 1P7A48561P7A4856 1P7A48591P7A4859 1P7A48621P7A4862 1P7A48731P7A4873 1P7A48771P7A4877 1P7A48891P7A4889 1P7A48931P7A4893 1P7A49221P7A4922 1P7A49491P7A4949 1P7A49571P7A4957 1P7A49581P7A4958 1P7A49771P7A4977 1P7A50021P7A5002 1P7A50061P7A5006 1P7A50251P7A5025 1P7A50381P7A5038 1P7A50691P7A5069 1P7A50811P7A5081 1P7A51081P7A5108 1P7A51131P7A5113 1P7A51161P7A5116 1P7A51241P7A5124 1P7A51661P7A5166 1P7A51671P7A5167 1P7A51681P7A5168 1P7A51701P7A5170 1P7A51721P7A5172 1P7A51931P7A5193 1P7A51981P7A5198 1P7A52171P7A5217 1P7A52341P7A5234 1P7A52371P7A5237 1P7A52471P7A5247 1P7A52521P7A5252 1P7A52631P7A5263 1P7A53051P7A5305

f a v o r i t e . d a y

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Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So today is my new favorite day. Winnie-the-Pooh

There are very few things I enjoy more than hanging out with a bunch of kiddos - so when I get to meet up with this gorgeous fam my day is immediately made. Lucky for me it was a bright and early session this time! These kids all bring their own perspective, vibe, and energy. The love and attention is SO clear. Each kid knows how to jump in when needed ... or stand out when it the spotlight is on them. So much love for this gang! xo


CQ2021_d0001CQ2021_d0001 CQ2021_d0003CQ2021_d0003 CQ2021_d0004CQ2021_d0004 CQ2021_d0006CQ2021_d0006 CQ2021_d0009CQ2021_d0009 CQ2021_d0011CQ2021_d0011 CQ2021_d0013CQ2021_d0013 CQ2021_d0016CQ2021_d0016 CQ2021_d0017CQ2021_d0017 CQ2021_d0018CQ2021_d0018 CQ2021_d0020CQ2021_d0020 CQ2021_d0024CQ2021_d0024 CQ2021_d0025CQ2021_d0025 CQ2021_d0030CQ2021_d0030 CQ2021_d0031CQ2021_d0031 CQ2021_d0032CQ2021_d0032 CQ2021_d0034CQ2021_d0034 CQ2021_d0035CQ2021_d0035 CQ2021_d0041CQ2021_d0041 CQ2021_d0042CQ2021_d0042 CQ2021_d0044CQ2021_d0044 CQ2021_d0045CQ2021_d0045 CQ2021_d0046CQ2021_d0046 CQ2021_d0047CQ2021_d0047 CQ2021_d0050CQ2021_d0050 CQ2021_d0052CQ2021_d0052 CQ2021_d0054CQ2021_d0054 CQ2021_d0056CQ2021_d0056 CQ2021_d0059CQ2021_d0059 CQ2021_d0062CQ2021_d0062 CQ2021_d0063CQ2021_d0063 CQ2021_d0064CQ2021_d0064 CQ2021_d0072CQ2021_d0072 CQ2021_d0075CQ2021_d0075

t o d a y

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Today I will live as if this is the day I will be remembered. - Dr Seuss

This sweet baby girl is as easy going as they come. With two big siblings bringing all the entertainment and snuggles it is no wonder she really has nothing to worry about anyway! This crew is just a pure delight to hang with and lives every moment presently and sweetly. So fun! xo


CQ2021_w0015CQ2021_w0015 CQ2021_w0005CQ2021_w0005 CQ2021_w0012CQ2021_w0012 CQ2021_w0014CQ2021_w0014 CQ2021_w0016CQ2021_w0016 CQ2021_w0018CQ2021_w0018 CQ2021_w0020CQ2021_w0020 CQ2021_w0022CQ2021_w0022 CQ2021_w0023CQ2021_w0023 CQ2021_w0025CQ2021_w0025 CQ2021_w0026CQ2021_w0026 CQ2021_w0028CQ2021_w0028 CQ2021_w0029CQ2021_w0029 CQ2021_w0030CQ2021_w0030 CQ2021_w0032CQ2021_w0032 CQ2021_w0034CQ2021_w0034 CQ2021_w0037CQ2021_w0037 CQ2021_w0039CQ2021_w0039 CQ2021_w0040CQ2021_w0040 CQ2021_w0041CQ2021_w0041 CQ2021_w0042CQ2021_w0042 CQ2021_w0043CQ2021_w0043 CQ2021_w0045CQ2021_w0045 CQ2021_w0047CQ2021_w0047 CQ2021_w0048CQ2021_w0048 CQ2021_w0049CQ2021_w0049 CQ2021_w0051CQ2021_w0051 CQ2021_w0052CQ2021_w0052

b r e a t h l e s s

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The first time
I saw you,
I knew it
was going
to take
fifty years
to catch
my breath.
-Story People

It was a completely stunning day + evening for a summer wedding! These two brought together their two awesome families and tons of amazing friends to celebrate their love! They were married on the family land with a reception just steps away in beautifully decorated barn. Everything was just magic! These two are so clearly loved and supported by everyone in attendance! xo


CQ2021_kn1560CQ2021_kn1560 CQ2021_kn0023CQ2021_kn0023 CQ2021_kn0035CQ2021_kn0035 CQ2021_kn0040CQ2021_kn0040 CQ2021_kn0059CQ2021_kn0059 CQ2021_kn0081CQ2021_kn0081 CQ2021_kn0112CQ2021_kn0112 CQ2021_kn0128CQ2021_kn0128 CQ2021_kn0135CQ2021_kn0135 CQ2021_kn0147CQ2021_kn0147 CQ2021_kn0181CQ2021_kn0181 CQ2021_kn0197CQ2021_kn0197 CQ2021_kn0200CQ2021_kn0200 CQ2021_kn0235CQ2021_kn0235 CQ2021_kn0242CQ2021_kn0242 CQ2021_kn0273CQ2021_kn0273 CQ2021_kn0284CQ2021_kn0284 CQ2021_kn0296CQ2021_kn0296 CQ2021_kn0310CQ2021_kn0310 CQ2021_kn0317CQ2021_kn0317 CQ2021_kn0325CQ2021_kn0325 CQ2021_kn0335CQ2021_kn0335 CQ2021_kn0356CQ2021_kn0356 CQ2021_kn0361CQ2021_kn0361 CQ2021_kn0381CQ2021_kn0381 CQ2021_kn0407CQ2021_kn0407 CQ2021_kn0438CQ2021_kn0438 CQ2021_kn0445CQ2021_kn0445 CQ2021_kn0474CQ2021_kn0474 CQ2021_kn0491CQ2021_kn0491 CQ2021_kn0542CQ2021_kn0542 CQ2021_kn0617CQ2021_kn0617 CQ2021_kn0635CQ2021_kn0635 CQ2021_kn0656CQ2021_kn0656 CQ2021_kn0657CQ2021_kn0657 CQ2021_kn0668CQ2021_kn0668 CQ2021_kn0672CQ2021_kn0672 CQ2021_kn0676CQ2021_kn0676 CQ2021_kn0723CQ2021_kn0723 CQ2021_kn0732CQ2021_kn0732 CQ2021_kn0743CQ2021_kn0743 CQ2021_kn0750CQ2021_kn0750 CQ2021_kn0767CQ2021_kn0767 CQ2021_kn0783CQ2021_kn0783 CQ2021_kn0842CQ2021_kn0842 CQ2021_kn0858CQ2021_kn0858 CQ2021_kn0874CQ2021_kn0874 CQ2021_kn0882CQ2021_kn0882 CQ2021_kn0914CQ2021_kn0914 CQ2021_kn0944CQ2021_kn0944 CQ2021_kn0959CQ2021_kn0959 CQ2021_kn0962CQ2021_kn0962 CQ2021_kn1059CQ2021_kn1059 CQ2021_kn1069CQ2021_kn1069 CQ2021_kn1089CQ2021_kn1089 CQ2021_kn1099CQ2021_kn1099 CQ2021_kn1111CQ2021_kn1111 CQ2021_kn1114CQ2021_kn1114 CQ2021_kn1131CQ2021_kn1131 CQ2021_kn1144CQ2021_kn1144 CQ2021_kn1150CQ2021_kn1150 CQ2021_kn1158CQ2021_kn1158 CQ2021_kn1170CQ2021_kn1170 CQ2021_kn1212CQ2021_kn1212 CQ2021_kn1223CQ2021_kn1223 CQ2021_kn1239CQ2021_kn1239 CQ2021_kn1257CQ2021_kn1257 CQ2021_kn1267CQ2021_kn1267 CQ2021_kn1298CQ2021_kn1298 CQ2021_kn1307CQ2021_kn1307 CQ2021_kn1316CQ2021_kn1316 CQ2021_kn1337CQ2021_kn1337 CQ2021_kn1347CQ2021_kn1347 CQ2021_kn1377CQ2021_kn1377 CQ2021_kn1395CQ2021_kn1395 CQ2021_kn1427CQ2021_kn1427 CQ2021_kn1442CQ2021_kn1442 CQ2021_kn1495CQ2021_kn1495 CQ2021_kn1517CQ2021_kn1517 CQ2021_kn1550CQ2021_kn1550 CQ2021_kn1575CQ2021_kn1575 CQ2021_kn1614CQ2021_kn1614 CQ2021_kn1647CQ2021_kn1647 CQ2021_kn1658CQ2021_kn1658 CQ2021_kn1669CQ2021_kn1669 CQ2021_kn1697CQ2021_kn1697 CQ2021_kn1714CQ2021_kn1714 CQ2021_kn1673CQ2021_kn1673 CQ2021_kn1751CQ2021_kn1751

a n t i c i p a t i o n

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Be happy in anticipation of what's coming.

This sweet boy is SO excited to be a big brother! He already showers his mom + dad with all the hugs and kisses that I just know he has so much more love to give his sweet little bother, too! Mom and Dad are as relaxed as ever! Cannot wait to see how this sweet guy grows into his new role! xo


CQ2021_v0001CQ2021_v0001 CQ2021_v0004CQ2021_v0004 CQ2021_v0007CQ2021_v0007 CQ2021_v0009CQ2021_v0009 CQ2021_v0012CQ2021_v0012 CQ2021_v0017CQ2021_v0017 CQ2021_v0019CQ2021_v0019 CQ2021_v0021CQ2021_v0021 CQ2021_v0023CQ2021_v0023 CQ2021_v0024CQ2021_v0024 CQ2021_v0025CQ2021_v0025 CQ2021_v0026CQ2021_v0026 CQ2021_v0028CQ2021_v0028 CQ2021_v0031CQ2021_v0031 CQ2021_v0032CQ2021_v0032 CQ2021_v0034CQ2021_v0034 CQ2021_v0038CQ2021_v0038 CQ2021_v0040CQ2021_v0040 CQ2021_v0041CQ2021_v0041 CQ2021_v0043CQ2021_v0043 CQ2021_v0044CQ2021_v0044 CQ2021_v0047CQ2021_v0047 CQ2021_v0050CQ2021_v0050 CQ2021_v0053CQ2021_v0053 CQ2021_v0057CQ2021_v0057 CQ2021_v0062CQ2021_v0062 CQ2021_v0063CQ2021_v0063 CQ2021_v0065CQ2021_v0065 CQ2021_v0068CQ2021_v0068 CQ2021_v0070CQ2021_v0070 CQ2021_v0074CQ2021_v0074 CQ2021_v0077CQ2021_v0077 CQ2021_v0078CQ2021_v0078 CQ2021_v0096CQ2021_v0096

a r c h i v e