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November 02, 2013  •  2 Comments

Hi Mom. I'm ready for dinner! z1z1




No, really. Get up off the floor and go make me somethin'.   z2z2




Here I'll say PLEEEASE! z4z4




You like those manners I just had?





Why. Aren't. You. Movin'?  z6z6




Mom, you KNOW I can't cook . . . z7z7




Why? Because I'm a BABY.  z8z8




See. z9z9




Oh my word. I AM going to starve.  z10z10




What was that? z11z11




Oh you were just joking. z12z12




Good Joke. z13z13




Yeah, we can be friends again. z14z14




First can you get me some food?




Rachael Bergen(non-registered)
Carol L Heibel(non-registered)
Soooo cute! And, as always, very creative. What was lunch?
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