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April 09, 2013  •  1 Comment

It has been an emotional week. My heart hurts for a family friend who has met his {before and after} moment of life. Reflecting on it all has brought to focus the power of positive thinking and genuine community. There is so much suffering in the world. No matter what the religion - I believe in the bigger picture. I believe in love, trust, community, loyalty, and kindness. I believe in the butterfly effect. If you have ever held up a negative to the light - you know. The beautiful print would not exist without the polarized, backward, negative. There is something so powerful about the devastation people encounter. The illusion of control we maintain to keep from going insane - it shakes me.




IMG_1074 IMG_1046

IMG_1063 IMG_1055 ^ Kids keep it real. :]


Megan Arkin(non-registered)
Well said, Love. Your words are perfect and much needed today. xo. Live on and do good.
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