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{Home is whenever I'm with you.}

They met at a women's music festival, in Michigan. First date was in Ohio. Entire states [Virginia - to Wisconsin] separate them, physically, however their connection is so evidently genuine and strong. How do I know? Because it was flippin' freeeeezing out there - for their shoot - and they still were A-freaking-DORABLE. Love their sweet hearts. On a little side note - the pretty brunette is completely responsible for my husband and I's relationship. She hired me and my husband years ago to work side by side at the same business. Then she didn't frown upon us when she suspected we were dating [ ...at least not to our faces.] But in all seriousness. Life is crazy, and I am forever grateful that she hired us when she did. She wrote the first few sentences in our book and I really can't thank her enough. xoxo


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