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{Love is finding someone who gets a kick out of the same stuff you do.} Brides Mom Paraphrased from Maid of Honors Speech 

It was about halfway through the night. We had just finished up the pre-wedding, the wedding, and the post wedding formal photography. We had about 30 minutes to walk around Olbrich and get some bride+groom shots. They said something - I can't even remember now - but I had a word vomit moment and blurted out - 'omg, you two are so perfect for each other.' This particular couple has something about them, how they are together. It startles you almost. They are completely normal couple - then, they just talk to each other and you think. 'Wow. That is a beautiful sight right here.' They laughed it off, I am sure they have heard it many times before. But really - they win. They are truly remarkable together! Their vows were perfect. Both hilarious and sweet. And the speeches later were one of a kind and complemented the night perfectly. They got married in a garden, and shared a meal with their closest friends and family at their favorite restaurant, Cento - and then had an awesome after party. I hung around to document the beginning of the after party which began at Brocahs Irish Pub. With donuts. DONUTS. Such a beautiful day - with all of their favorite things. A perfect way to open another chapter of a truly lovely relationship.



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oh my gosh, these are so great!! beautiful pictures on a beautiful night! can't wait to see the rest! :)
-Steph Callahan
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