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{When you love what you have, you have everything you need.}

Such a beautiful day to hang out with this lovely crew! With 4 kids - nearly 2 years apart this family showed me a glimpse of the fun my own family has to look forward to! These kids are so easy to hang with - and we had a lot of fun. So when the kids are so easy to work with - the parents have to have some fun. So we did a little leaf photobomb throwing to wrap up the shoot! xo


CO2_0486CO2_0486 CO2_0545CO2_0545 CO2_0585CO2_0585 CO2_0528CO2_0528 CO2_0515CO2_0515 CO2_0599CO2_0599 CO2_0625CO2_0625 CO2_0635CO2_0635 CO2_0628CO2_0628 CO2_0638CO2_0638 CO2_0645CO2_0645 CO2_0641CO2_0641 CO2_0655CO2_0655 CO2_0665CO2_0665 CO2_0708CO2_0708 CO2_0725_1CO2_0725_1 CO2_0720_1CO2_0720_1 CO2_0715_1CO2_0715_1 CO2_0719_1CO2_0719_1 CO2_0731CO2_0731 CO2_0735CO2_0735


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