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November 18, 2016  •  2 Comments

{I figured out that if I keep it up, someday I’ll probably get wise enough to be silly in public but I probably won’t wait that long.} Story People

We had some A-mazing light for this beautiful family's session. The kids knew it too - because by the time we got outside they were all giggles and smiles! Mr. Big Brother had been woken from a nap a little early, but that all seemed to pass rather quickly when we all got outside to enjoy the beautiful day. Baby girl had enough smiles to last a lifetime. She especially loved flying in her daddy's arms. Such a silly girl. Even the biggest brother, with his four-legged, furry self joined in the fun. Such a fun day. xo 


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Great pictures
I love these pictures of your family and cute kid really cuteness overloaded
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