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December 01, 2016  •  3 Comments

{You make my heart smile.}

Loved meeting this sweet girl and her parents. I could tell within the first couple of minutes they they are all just fantastic people. Truly could have hung with them all day. This little lady was prepped with pig tails and a sparkling personality. Loved when she threw the blanket over her head during the final set of shots. She is so sweet + hilarious and she totally knows it - love her! xo


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Du Plessis(non-registered)
Truly, this little girl and her parents pleased me at the moment and I enjoyed to watch their pictures. Get http://www.college-paper.org/buy-college-essays-online for more info as I have also shared some images with my wife and said her that I want this type of sweet and beautiful girl because my wife is pregnant. Love you so much and live long and glad and my prayers are with you.
Carrie Weaver(non-registered)
Thank you for capturing my granddaughters personality Claire! Beautiful work....
Grandma Resh(non-registered)
My Beautiful perfect granddaughter...My handsome son and beautiful daughter in law.... obviously picture perfect
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