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{What is your soul craving?}

Check out this dazzling duo and their shiny new business Three SeedsThree Seeds is a collaboration of holistic approaches. Dedicated to empowering women to feel connected, grounded and true. A place where seeds are planted to nurture your mind, body and spirit. Reiki opens you up to the power of universal energy while Life Coaching ignites that power to evoke transformation. 

Three Seeds has lovingly created the first six week Dynamic Discovery Series. Take a deep dive into the depths of you. Discover your power. Courageously sit with the uncomfortable. Be supported and loved by a group of like-minded women who are looking for more. This series is for all of our soul seeking women wanting greater fulfillment, connection and balance in their lives -- right now. I am so excited for them and the world of zen they are opening to so many people. I not only like them, I love them! xo

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