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February 12, 2016  •  1 Comment

{Hasn't started to make sense of the world, yet - but thinks it beautiful just the same.}

Gah! These BOYS. So my face has grown extra smile muscles because of these guys. I have just been over here grinning away at their cuteness. Even when they weren't in full blown silly smiles - they were looking into the camera in such a sweet adorable way that you just can't help but to grin right back at them. The sweetest brothers you ever did see, and with all the personality you can manage. They brought their A-game and even AT ONLY SIX MONTHS - they were showing off their sitting alone skills. I am beyond impressed with these two - and their parents, I am in awe of them. They were ready at every moment with silly songs, hugs, tickles, and lots of love. This whole family was just on fire with happy energy. Could have played with them all day! xo


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There is nothing like identical twins. Having the boys dressed in different colors helps to identify each individual. However, the B & W photos show us how much they are alike. One seems a little more smiley, one a little more serious. Both so cute and IDENTICAL!
Loved seeing these wonderful photos. ...There is nothing, nothing as wonderful as a set of twins. Honest.
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