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{There is nothing more I ask of this life than this moment, exactly so. & suddenly forever seems like too short a time.} Story People

These two ordered up the BEST day for their wedding day! Everything was magical. Their wedding was held in a beautiful church with windows everywhere. The light was captivating. After the beautiful wedding - we met downtown for a brisk walk around the Capital - hitting some iconic Madison sights. Then we packed up and headed for the reception. The Masonic Center is such a cool place for a party with lots of hidden spaces to prep and get ready. Everyone was ready to dance from the beginning. And there was lots of that! There were also beautiful speeches that left everyone misty eyed. I think my favorite part was when the parents of both the bride and groom got up for kisses during dinner - encouraging the love to radiate throughout the room. So much to love and excitement wrapped up in this day! xo



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