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June 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

{Don't get into things to test the water, you go into things to make waves.} 

Happiest of birthdays to this sweet little girl! One whole year old - that was fast! Can we all just stop and take a breath after seeing her absolutely stunning eyes. Gah. Her brother has a matching pair in a shade of chocolate brown, and when they are together - I SWEAR they have super powers. We ran around the forest area for a minute - and then we tried out the lake... and some of us tried it out a little harder than others! This sweet boy gave us maaaaaaybe 3 minutes of dry lake observing before he jumped right in - fully dressed of course. The rest of the shoot was complete hilarity. The pure summer living that we all reminisce about now - well these sweet kids were living it with every splash. After a while of swimming with the weight of clothes on ... big brother decided he had enough of that, and went for a more natural approach ... lets just say they will have some bonus pictures in their private gallery! These kids were born to make waves - and they won't have it any other way! xo


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