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January 13, 2017  •  6 Comments

{When I met you I knew we would shine together.}

This sweet baby boy is the absolute sweetest. He was ready for his spotlight, too - had his poses down like a pro! I completely fell in love with his momma's prop requests, too. That sweet little wild thing's crown complemented this adorable little man's charm. Then there was the little baby deer outfit - gah, such a sweetheart. I think my favorite part was when he broke out the kissy faces. He knew his angles and he worked them! Such an amazing little guy with all the love of a truly lovely family. xo


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Mariam Schroeder(non-registered)
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Rosemary Roe(non-registered)
Love this little man so much.
Love Justin, Katie, Carley, Eddie and Mena, very much, too.
Great pictures, would want some for my photo albums, for sure!!!
Bonnie Liebmann(non-registered)
Of course he is the best baby on earth. A snuggle man for sure. Can you tell? I love the pictures. Great Job.
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