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"It was a day filled with the glow of ordinary things
& we passed them quietly from hand to hand for a long time
& someone said this child had picked a perfect day to be born
& I think all of us felt the same." Story People

I got the excited text around 8:30pm the night before. Baby boy would be here so soon! I prepped my gear and made plans to check in with them in the morning. When I did, I found out that sweet little boy had managed to resist his birthdate by a day and was still waiting for the perfect moment. Waiting a little longer - and he finally made his appearance. At about 2 weeks early - he was already over 7lbs and fully cooked! I arrived to a lovely momma, dad, and grandma and even witnessed big sisters first meeting! She was NOT as thrilled about seeing her momma in the hospital gown, and don't get me started on the blood pressure machine. However, once everything settled down a bit, big sister fell right into her roll - loving on her brother in all of the most adorable 15 month old ways! Such beautiful moments for everyone. Mom + Dad had worked a full day the day before, and with labor - hadn't slept at all that night. All the same - everyone was all smiles, and love for this sweet boy. Welcome, earth-side, little one! xo


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