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"No one can dim the light that shines from within." Maya Angelou

I have absolutely LOVED seeing this sweet baby girl between regular intervals for her first year! Now, with a blink of the eye she is walking, talking, wiggling around like a pro. She is all things beauty, smiles, expression, and curiosity. Her love for her big brother + sister is unmatched anywhere. One look in their direction, and she is smiling, or cooing over what they are doing. The feeling is mutual, too. There is so much love for little miss coming from every direction. Speaking of love - she has a TON of LOVE for CAKE. Whew! As we were setting up the cake, she was eager to dig right in like a complete boss. I think my favorite part was when she was strategically pouring cake into her mouth, while simultaneously reaching for another bite. She methodically used this strategy back and forth until the cake was basically gone ... or between her toes. It was magical to watch and it clearly took a ton of talent! xo


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