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"Everywhere I imagine being alive, there you are & all I can do is say thank you to a universe that has you in it." Story People

This sweet girl is growing up FAR to fast. She has a completely adorable personality - full of all the spunk, curiosity, sly smiles, delighted giggles you could ask for - with a touch of attitude to make sure to keep you on your toes! As we neared the end of the session, this little lady insisted on posing Elmo in the chair, and was so proud of her work. And, I am still giggling about the last shot I snapped. We had just pulled out the wagon, and she knew a wagon ride was in her future. So she was all, "Bye Claire with the camera." Then she seemed to realize we wanted just one more smile because she looked up at me with the absolute CUTEST face ever, and with a little head tilt to complete her look - she held it for .345 seconds and was back to insisting a wagon ride. Well, I caught it, and I am sure it was the most adorable way to wrap a session. Such a character she is, and with the patience of a queen. xo


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