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{You are my favorite day dream.}

Absolutely loved meeting these two parents to be! They are all things style, sweetness, and completely giddy with joy in the anticipation of their little! They are so ready. They are so relaxed about everything. Such awesome parents to be already. They have also invited me to join them in the delivery room to capture those first moments with baby  -- so I am watching my phone like a hawk these days! With mom aiming for simple and elegant maternity images we had lots of fun playing with light, and textures. Watch for their first moments + newborn feature so so soon! xo 


CO2_2721CO2_2721 CO2_2769CO2_2769 CO2_2785CO2_2785 CO2_2812CO2_2812 CO2_2840CO2_2840 CO2_2845CO2_2845 CO2_2854CO2_2854 CO2_2861CO2_2861 CO2_2868CO2_2868 CO2_2889CO2_2889 CO2_2926CO2_2926 CO2_2939CO2_2939 CO2_2976CO2_2976 CO2_2993CO2_2993 CO2_2997CO2_2997 CO2_3012CO2_3012 CO2_3027CO2_3027 CO2_3129CO2_3129 CO2_3141CO2_3141


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