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"She lives in her very own fairy tale."

This lovely princess started off her session a little sleepy - but it didn't stop her from flashing her gorgeous smile at me! We did have to call in the puppy for some extra kisses + some refreshments, nothing less than class for this professional. :] Her four legged, furry big brother got smiles and giggles immediately and then we walked around the water for a bit to find games. This kiddo is all about games after all! xo

Claire  CO2_2401CO2_2401 CO2_2385CO2_2385 CO2_2403CO2_2403 CO2_2413CO2_2413 CO2_2205CO2_2205 CO2_2203CO2_2203 CO2_2211CO2_2211 CO2_2197CO2_2197 CO2_2207CO2_2207 CO2_2199CO2_2199 CO2_2193CO2_2193 CO2_2189CO2_2189 CO2_2148CO2_2148 CO2_2223CO2_2223 CO2_2143CO2_2143 CO2_2233CO2_2233 CO2_2237CO2_2237 CO2_2238CO2_2238 CO2_2104CO2_2104 CO2_2114CO2_2114 CO2_2128CO2_2128 CO2_2300CO2_2300 CO2_2271CO2_2271 CO2_2363CO2_2363 CO2_2365CO2_2365 CO2_2471CO2_2471


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