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"Cake is the answer. Who cares what the question is!"

This sweet girl was all smiles and giggles for her session - even showing off her new skills of walking and playing and of course being adorable! Then mom + dad offered her a birthday cake to eat all by herself! Seems harmless enough - but she did not care for being sticky or messy at all! She insisted that we find her a fork! I mean we should have known - she is a princess after all! xo


C11A0276C11A0276 C11A0274C11A0274 C11A0293C11A0293 C11A0378C11A0378 C11A0388C11A0388 C11A0398C11A0398 C11A0411C11A0411 C11A0416C11A0416 C11A0451C11A0451 C11A0472C11A0472 C11A0540C11A0540 C11A0546C11A0546 C11A0567C11A0567 C11A0625C11A0625 C11A0627C11A0627 C11A0635C11A0635 C11A0637C11A0637 C11A0704C11A0704 C11A0713C11A0713 C11A0716C11A0716 C11A0724C11A0724 C11A0760C11A0760 C11A0779C11A0779 C11A0801C11A0801 C11A0807C11A0807 C11A0812C11A0812 C11A0840C11A0840


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