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The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. - W.B. Yeats

It was a magical day full of color and light for this gorgeous session! So happy to share the afternoon with this trio of sweetness, too! I cannot believe how tall this little lady has grown! She was climbing trees like a pro and showing off her new sense of complete fearlessness. Mom and Dad were there to catch her when she felt a little uneasy though - and of course for all the kisses and hugs! xo


C11A7399C11A7399 C11A7420C11A7420 C11A7425C11A7425 C11A7430C11A7430 C11A7433C11A7433 C11A7454C11A7454 C11A7458C11A7458 C11A7464C11A7464 C11A7474C11A7474 C11A7477C11A7477 C11A7481C11A7481 C11A7490C11A7490 C11A7498C11A7498 C11A7531C11A7531 C11A7544C11A7544 C11A7555C11A7555 C11A7587C11A7587 C11A7593C11A7593 C11A7611C11A7611 C11A7622C11A7622 C11A7647C11A7647 C11A7653C11A7653 C11A7663C11A7663 C11A7719C11A7719 C11A7732C11A7732 C11A7761C11A7761 C11A7770C11A7770 C11A7807C11A7807 C11A7812C11A7812 C11A7869C11A7869 C11A7896C11A7896 C11A7906C11A7906 C11A7909C11A7909


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