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Showing the world how easy magic is when you do it together. - Brian Andreas

When these two suggested the Upper Yahara River Trail and Sunfish Pond location for their engagement session ... in the early morning, too! - I knew I was going to just adore them. And, I was right! These two have such a relaxed and zen vibe. They are no stranger to walks with their golden doodle so it was fun to meet up with them in their element and enjoy that fabulous fall color! They brought their golden doodle with them and that pup is all personality and excitement. She is VERY happy her mom + dad are getting married! Such an awesome way to start the day! xo 


C11A9211C11A9211 C11A9205C11A9205 C11A9200C11A9200 C11A9198C11A9198 C11A9191C11A9191 C11A9188C11A9188 C11A9183C11A9183 C11A9179C11A9179 C11A9171C11A9171 C11A9081C11A9081 C11A9119C11A9119 C11A9120C11A9120 C11A9121C11A9121 C11A9047C11A9047 C11A9037C11A9037 C11A9032C11A9032 C11A9010C11A9010 C11A8975C11A8975 C11A8956C11A8956 C11A8953C11A8953 C11A8938C11A8938 C11A8929C11A8929 C11A8912C11A8912 C11A8902C11A8902 C11A8889C11A8889 C11A8867C11A8867 C11A8851C11A8851 C11A9285C11A9285 C11A9282C11A9282 C11A9272C11A9272 C11A9291C11A9291 C11A9307C11A9307 C11A9319C11A9319 C11A9242C11A9242 C11A9227C11A9227


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