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Her heart was wild,
but I didn't want to catch it. 
I wanted to run with it, 
to set mine free.

This sweet girl had us working from the moment I arrived. She knew just how to slip me smiles -- and keep her parents and I pulling out all the stops for entertainment. There was bouncing and flying, twirls, and talks. There was running, too! Once we (her parents and I! ) got the hang of it - she was all about giving us claps, and smiles for our efforts. She brings all the expressions ... but most of all she is the light of the party with those sparkling eyes! xo.


C11A1756C11A1756 C11A1592C11A1592 C11A1619C11A1619 C11A1635C11A1635 C11A1695C11A1695 C11A1710C11A1710 C11A1712C11A1712 C11A1742C11A1742 C11A1761C11A1761 C11A1831C11A1831 C11A1838C11A1838 C11A1860C11A1860 C11A1881C11A1881 C11A1891C11A1891 C11A1894C11A1894 C11A1895C11A1895 C11A1898C11A1898 C11A1918C11A1918 C11A1931C11A1931 C11A1959C11A1959 C11A1972C11A1972 C11A1979C11A1979 C11A1997C11A1997 C11A2000C11A2000 C11A2015C11A2015 C11A2023C11A2023 C11A2098C11A2098 C11A2135C11A2135 C11A2141C11A2141 C11A2174C11A2174 C11A2189C11A2189 C11A2227C11A2227 C11A2233C11A2233 C11A2236C11A2236 C11A2265C11A2265 C11A2294C11A2294 C11A2387C11A2387 C11A2475C11A2475 C11A2536C11A2536 C11A2671C11A2671


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