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December 15, 2019  •  1 Comment

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. - Winnie the Pooh

This tiny human brought a little confusion, a sprinkle of judgment (I'm sorry about the hat, bud!), several "okay, you're trying" smiles, lots of mesmerizing wonder (those eye, gah!) and when mom + dad were involved ... ALL the love! We played inside for a hot second - and then jumped outside, too! The holidays are just going to be magical with this awesome tiny human around! xo 


C11A7526C11A7526 C11A7557C11A7557 C11A7569C11A7569 C11A7579C11A7579 C11A7596C11A7596 C11A7599C11A7599 C11A7615C11A7615 C11A7623C11A7623 C11A7637C11A7637 C11A7651C11A7651 C11A7674C11A7674 C11A7712_1C11A7712_1 C11A7732C11A7732 C11A7786C11A7786 C11A7787C11A7787 C11A7803C11A7803 C11A7815C11A7815 C11A7821C11A7821 C11A7859C11A7859 C11A7868C11A7868 C11A7884C11A7884 C11A7891C11A7891 C11A7914C11A7914 C11A7937C11A7937 C11A7940C11A7940 C11A7948C11A7948 C11A7957C11A7957 C11A7982C11A7982 C11A7988C11A7988 C11A7990C11A7990 C11A7999C11A7999 C11A8012C11A8012 C11A8047C11A8047 C11A8102C11A8102 C11A8109C11A8109 C11A8112C11A8112 C11A8131C11A8131 C11A8214_1C11A8214_1 C11A8217C11A8217 C11A8228_1C11A8228_1 C11A8248C11A8248 C11A8259C11A8259 C11A8317C11A8317 C11A8329_1C11A8329_1 C11A8337C11A8337 C11A8350_1C11A8350_1


Jessi Neiers(non-registered)
Oh my goodness these are so cute!! Thank you Claire
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