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Your energy introduces you, before you even speak. 

This awesome lady introduced me to some new mural art to begin her session - such an awesome location! And then we toured around other fun spots in Monona - including my personal favorite ... the beach! I just adore the energy she brought. Strong, kind, and easy going and full of light. Even when we *may or may not have* broken into the high school athletics fields she was just 100% relaxed. She is totally on her way to awesome things! 


C11A0387C11A0387 C11A0077C11A0077 C11A0094C11A0094 C11A0168C11A0168 C11A9935C11A9935 C11A9944C11A9944 CO2_9127CO2_9127 C11A9984C11A9984 C11A9994C11A9994 C11A0062C11A0062 C11A0255C11A0255 C11A0278C11A0278 C11A0282C11A0282 C11A0307C11A0307 C11A0334C11A0334 C11A0392C11A0392 C11A0428C11A0428 C11A0459C11A0459 C11A0474C11A0474 C11A0572C11A0572 C11A0593C11A0593 C11A0601C11A0601 C11A0707C11A0707 C11A0725C11A0725 C11A0750C11A0750 C11A0831C11A0831


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