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A horse is poetry in motion. 

I still am running off the energy of this shoot! This horse brought all the zen vibes. We started with a couple of family shots outside the barn, then I met Danny - the coolest horse that ever was. It was his birthday - and he seemed to know it - knowing just what to do to get treats and extra loving! The connection was so real, raw, and completely amazing to be a witness to. In other news …. I want a horse! xo


1P7A82831P7A8283 web_CQ2020_a0050web_CQ2020_a0050 1P7A82861P7A8286 1P7A82781P7A8278 1P7A82711P7A8271 1P7A82631P7A8263 1P7A82571P7A8257 1P7A82551P7A8255 1P7A83681P7A8368 1P7A83851P7A8385 1P7A83951P7A8395 1P7A84221P7A8422 1P7A84671P7A8467 1P7A84921P7A8492 1P7A86291P7A8629 1P7A86421P7A8642 1P7A86591P7A8659 CO2_8789CO2_8789 CO2_8846CO2_8846 CO2_8880CO2_8880 CO2_8892CO2_8892 CO2_8918CO2_8918 CO2_8974CO2_8974 CO2_8980CO2_8980 CO2_8983CO2_8983 CO2_8988CO2_8988 CO2_9006CO2_9006 CO2_9032CO2_9032 CO2_9077CO2_9077 CO2_8768CO2_8768 CO2_8749CO2_8749 CO2_8746CO2_8746 1P7A87201P7A8720 CO2_8854CO2_8854 CO2_8861CO2_8861 1P7A82201P7A8220 1P7A81791P7A8179 1P7A82021P7A8202 1P7A81951P7A8195 1P7A81651P7A8165 1P7A81401P7A8140 1P7A81331P7A8133 1P7A81141P7A8114 1P7A80691P7A8069


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