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If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart. 

This team of full hearted humans introduced me to their newest little bestie. Being the 4th born, this little miss had life pretty much figured out. She fake slept through her session -- only opening her eyes to check out her siblings and make sure they were in line. Which - lets be real - they literally always are! She also popped out some smiles and even had an adorably appropriate stone face when her family was all showing me their silly face. At 6 people, now, they are officially a party wherever they go together! xo


C11A4351C11A4351 C11A4340C11A4340 C11A4322C11A4322 C11A4294C11A4294 C11A4220C11A4220 C11A4273C11A4273 C11A4253C11A4253 C11A4653C11A4653 C11A4666C11A4666 C11A4458C11A4458 C11A4471C11A4471 C11A4496C11A4496 C11A4629C11A4629 C11A4669C11A4669 C11A4753C11A4753 C11A4746C11A4746 C11A4825C11A4825 C11A4865C11A4865 C11A4874C11A4874 C11A4906C11A4906 C11A4946C11A4946 C11A4962C11A4962 C11A4979C11A4979 C11A4997C11A4997 C11A5029C11A5029 C11A5038C11A5038 C11A5048C11A5048 C11A5057C11A5057 C11A5078C11A5078 C11A5120C11A5120 C11A5151C11A5151 C11A5171C11A5171 C11A5306C11A5306 C11A5195C11A5195 C11A5234C11A5234 C11A5266C11A5266 C11A5272C11A5272 C11A5360C11A5360 C11A5374C11A5374 C11A5403C11A5403


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