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"There is no love, like a love from a brother. There is no love, like the love for a brother."

I don't know if I have ever met a big brother as ready and completely excited to be a big brother. This sweet guy could not stop talking about his little bestie + all the things he wanted to share with him. It truly is like his true identity was finally being revealed! So nurturing. So intuitive. So entertaining. So excited! Like he had never known life to be any other way. I think my favorite thing was when he described his little brother as "just the cutest!" He wasn't lying either! This sweet boy is absolutely the snugglyist little guy! His favorite spot is in the arms of someone he loves ... which thankfully for him - is everyone he knows right now! This baby boy is SO loved. Mom and Dad have the look of complete adoration every time their eyes land on his gorgeous face. Even big puppy brother couldn't keep a smile off his face! xo


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