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My face loves your face. - Lennox 

How sweet is that quote? Well, the kiddo who said it is even CUTER! Impossible, right? Nope - he is all things 2: curios, wiggly, loving, empathetic, adventurous, silly, and adorable! I mean check out that killer man bun! His momma is not far from him - and he knows it, too - making sure to give her all the hugs, kisses, and flowers … and occasionally dropping the “boss momma” nick name he has for her. I mean c’mon right? Momma was looking lovely, too, and this sweet boy wanted some pictures of just her. So that worked out! GORGOUS. LOVE these two! xo


C11A5655C11A5655 C11A5662C11A5662 C11A5621C11A5621 C11A5626C11A5626 C11A5639C11A5639 C11A5672C11A5672 C11A5826C11A5826 C11A5853C11A5853 C11A5861C11A5861 C11A5902C11A5902 C11A5677C11A5677 C11A5700C11A5700 C11A5733C11A5733 C11A5736C11A5736 C11A5767C11A5767 C11A5784C11A5784 C11A5805C11A5805 C11A5816C11A5816 C11A5823C11A5823 C11A5910C11A5910 C11A5950C11A5950 C11A5972C11A5972 C11A5993C11A5993 C11A5998C11A5998 C11A6006C11A6006 C11A6089C11A6089 C11A6148C11A6148 C11A6181C11A6181 C11A6193C11A6193 C11A6202C11A6202 C11A6232C11A6232 C11A6247C11A6247 C11A6275C11A6275 C11A6300C11A6300 C11A6306C11A6306 C11A6317C11A6317 C11A6334C11A6334 C11A6349C11A6349 C11A6356C11A6356


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