l i v e . l i k e . f l o w e r s

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Let us live like flowers, wild and beautiful, and drenched in sun. 

Check out this sweet little lady! She spent a couple of minutes trying to figure me out - but once the books and toys came out she was game for all the smiles! Her besties (mom + dad) joined her for the session, too. Once the smiles started we all became instantly addicted trying everything ... doing all the crazy sounds, faces, and moves to get her to smile again and again. Side note - do not try to give this little lady a flower unless it is purple ... the preference is real! All the same, the light in her eyes is just remarkable. So much love for this stunning fam! xo


C11A1314C11A1314 C11A1203C11A1203 C11A1221C11A1221 C11A1231C11A1231 C11A1250C11A1250 C11A1258C11A1258 C11A1279C11A1279 C11A1286C11A1286 C11A1384C11A1384 C11A1421C11A1421 C11A1466C11A1466 C11A1479C11A1479 C11A1495C11A1495 C11A1514C11A1514 C11A1522C11A1522 C11A1549C11A1549 C11A1580C11A1580 C11A1611C11A1611 C11A1655C11A1655 C11A1697C11A1697 C11A1714C11A1714 C11A1722C11A1722 C11A1725C11A1725 C11A1769C11A1769 C11A1781C11A1781 C11A1793C11A1793 C11A1800C11A1800 C11A1843C11A1843 C11A1878C11A1878 C11A1901C11A1901 C11A1915C11A1915 C11A1930C11A1930 C11A1956C11A1956 C11A2017C11A2017 C11A2107C11A2107 C11A2118C11A2118 C11A2163C11A2163 C11A2315C11A2315 C11A2325C11A2325 ss C11A2343C11A2343


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