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When a child gives you a gift,
even if it is a flower they just picked up,
exude gratitude. It may be the only thing they have to give,
and they have chosen to give it to you. - Dean Jackson

This sweet girl is my spirit animal. She is all things sweet, adorable ... and most importantly strong, independent, and fearless! She is so curious about all the things and eager to share them with anyone is earshot. She found rocks, and flowers and complemented them with her own twirls, jumps, laughter, and curls. I wish I could just stick her in my pocket for a rainy day - because her vibe was so pure and light! xo


C11A3364C11A3364 C11A3362C11A3362 C11A3356C11A3356 C11A3371C11A3371 C11A3330C11A3330 C11A3323C11A3323 C11A3292C11A3292 C11A3290C11A3290 C11A3282C11A3282 C11A3267C11A3267 C11A3242C11A3242 C11A3169C11A3169 C11A3158C11A3158 C11A3149C11A3149 C11A3121C11A3121 C11A3114C11A3114 C11A3109C11A3109 C11A3096C11A3096 C11A3083C11A3083 C11A3060C11A3060 C11A3037C11A3037 C11A3026C11A3026 C11A2902C11A2902 C11A2905C11A2905 C11A2926C11A2926 C11A2941C11A2941 C11A2979C11A2979 C11A2988C11A2988 C11A2989C11A2989 C11A3490C11A3490 C11A3504C11A3504 C11A3555C11A3555 C11A3606C11A3606 C11A3404C11A3404 C11A3427C11A3427 C11A3644C11A3644 C11A3648C11A3648 C11A3652C11A3652 C11A3656C11A3656 C11A3660C11A3660


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