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You're a sunflower. 

It is always so amazing to meet up with this gorgeous crew! We used to live just a couple houses down from each other, but now we are probably about 45-1 hour away! We met halfway to see some sunflowers and catch up with these adorable kiddos. The smiles, exploration, and curiosity were just adorable. Big brother had no fear running around the land of the sunflowers - even pulling off his shirt to wrap up the shoot! Haha! Little lady was more reserved with her sweetly wobbly newly walking legs and complete trust in her big brother! xo


C11A2878C11A2878 C11A2884C11A2884 C11A2945C11A2945 C11A2956C11A2956 C11A2969C11A2969 C11A2813C11A2813 C11A2806C11A2806 C11A2784C11A2784 C11A2780C11A2780 C11A2773C11A2773 C11A2765C11A2765 C11A2764C11A2764 C11A2714C11A2714 C11A2677C11A2677 C11A2658C11A2658 C11A2655C11A2655 C11A2626C11A2626 C11A2612C11A2612 C11A2572C11A2572 C11A2563C11A2563 C11A2525C11A2525 C11A2974C11A2974 C11A2982C11A2982 C11A3005C11A3005 C11A3016C11A3016 C11A3066C11A3066


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