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Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now.

When you have an apple orchard in the family - you meet up for pictures at the apple orchard! This sweet boy was wide-eyed checking out the world around him. With apples, changing colors on the trees, and mom + dad throwing hugs and kisses his way he was highly entertained! Even with just a couple weeks earth side his personality is just delightful. So much expression! He eventually peaced-out for a quick nap, too! So much love for this gorgeous fam. xo

C11A0919C11A0919 C11A0941C11A0941 C11A0913C11A0913 C11A0883C11A0883 C11A0901C11A0901 C11A0833C11A0833 C11A0869C11A0869 C11A0663C11A0663 C11A0611C11A0611 C11A0674C11A0674 C11A0667C11A0667 C11A0651C11A0651 C11A0825C11A0825 C11A0820C11A0820 C11A0826C11A0826 C11A0687C11A0687 C11A0993C11A0993 C11A0706C11A0706 C11A1057C11A1057 C11A0973C11A0973 C11A1088C11A1088 C11A1118C11A1118 C11A1110C11A1110 C11A1108C11A1108 C11A1167C11A1167 C11A1140C11A1140 C11A1196C11A1196 C11A1215C11A1215 C11A1202C11A1202 C11A1278C11A1278 C11A1242C11A1242 C11A1239C11A1239 C11A1270C11A1270 C11A1281C11A1281 C11A1386C11A1386 C11A1422C11A1422 C11A1412C11A1412 C11A1321C11A1321 C11A1432C11A1432 C11A1462C11A1462 C11A1444C11A1444 C11A1489C11A1489 C11A1543C11A1543 C11A1646C11A1646 C11A1664C11A1664 C11A1702C11A1702 C11A1711C11A1711 CO2_1207CO2_1207 CO2_1177CO2_1177 CO2_1200CO2_1200


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