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For a long time, there were only your footprints & laughter in our dreams & even from such small things, we knew we could not wait to love you forever. - Story People

This sweet girl is a snuggles through and through. Her favorite place is curled up and snuggled into the elbow of one of her two favorite people on earth. She is just a dream baby. But don't let this peanut fool you - when she gets hungry or is ready to get up and play - she has no problem asking politely for what she needs ... with the sweetest little voice you ever did hear. Absolutely stunning family! xo

Claire CQ2021_k0001CQ2021_k0001 CQ2021_k0003CQ2021_k0003 CQ2021_k0005CQ2021_k0005 CQ2021_k0006CQ2021_k0006 CQ2021_k0009CQ2021_k0009 CQ2021_k0015CQ2021_k0015 CQ2021_k0016CQ2021_k0016 CQ2021_k0017CQ2021_k0017 CQ2021_k0019CQ2021_k0019 CQ2021_k0023CQ2021_k0023 CQ2021_k0026CQ2021_k0026 CQ2021_k0027CQ2021_k0027 CQ2021_k0030CQ2021_k0030 CQ2021_k0034CQ2021_k0034 CQ2021_k0038CQ2021_k0038 CQ2021_k0041CQ2021_k0041 CQ2021_k0043CQ2021_k0043 CQ2021_k0044CQ2021_k0044 CQ2021_k0045CQ2021_k0045 CQ2021_k0046CQ2021_k0046 CQ2021_k0047CQ2021_k0047 CQ2021_k0049CQ2021_k0049 CQ2021_k0050CQ2021_k0050 CQ2021_k0053CQ2021_k0053 CQ2021_k0058CQ2021_k0058 CQ2021_k0060CQ2021_k0060 CQ2021_k0062CQ2021_k0062 CQ2021_k0064CQ2021_k0064 CQ2021_k0066CQ2021_k0066 CQ2021_k0067CQ2021_k0067 CQ2021_k0069CQ2021_k0069 CQ2021_k0070CQ2021_k0070 CQ2021_k0072CQ2021_k0072 CQ2021_k0075CQ2021_k0075 CQ2021_k0078CQ2021_k0078 CQ2021_k0080CQ2021_k0080 CQ2021_k0082CQ2021_k0082


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