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Happiness is a warm puppy.

How sweet are these sisters + their adorable Quarantine puppy! We got a couple of quick pictures with pup + then went for a lovely walk in the nearly summer-like fall weather! Pretty sure that was the last of it - because I have been wearing a winter hat ever since! Just the sweetest fam!


CQ2021_10L0001CQ2021_10L0001 CQ2021_10L0002CQ2021_10L0002 CQ2021_10L0003CQ2021_10L0003 CQ2021_10L0004CQ2021_10L0004 CQ2021_10L0005CQ2021_10L0005 CQ2021_10L0006CQ2021_10L0006 CQ2021_10L0007CQ2021_10L0007 CQ2021_10L0008CQ2021_10L0008 CQ2021_10L0009CQ2021_10L0009 CQ2021_10L0010CQ2021_10L0010 CQ2021_10L0011CQ2021_10L0011 CQ2021_10L0012CQ2021_10L0012 CQ2021_10L0013CQ2021_10L0013 CQ2021_10L0014CQ2021_10L0014 CQ2021_10L0015CQ2021_10L0015 CQ2021_10L0016CQ2021_10L0016 CQ2021_10L0017CQ2021_10L0017 CQ2021_10L0018CQ2021_10L0018 CQ2021_10L0019CQ2021_10L0019 CQ2021_10L0020CQ2021_10L0020 CQ2021_10L0021CQ2021_10L0021 CQ2021_10L0022CQ2021_10L0022 CQ2021_10L0023CQ2021_10L0023 CQ2021_10L0024CQ2021_10L0024 CQ2021_10L0025CQ2021_10L0025 CQ2021_10L0026CQ2021_10L0026 CQ2021_10L0027CQ2021_10L0027 CQ2021_10L0028CQ2021_10L0028 CQ2021_10L0173CQ2021_10L0173 CQ2021_10L0181CQ2021_10L0181


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