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Autumn is a second spring - where every leaf is a flower.

To celebrate this gorgeous girl's golden birthday we had a fancy photoshoot! She is 100% happiness goals - eager to explore and try new things! She knows all the twirling tricks and even brought along her best friend (momma!) to make sure she had a cheering section! Favorite moment of the session -- when sweet girl ran up and held my hand as we moved between locations. Heart melt! 

CQ2021_10s0001CQ2021_10s0001 CQ2021_10s0009CQ2021_10s0009 CQ2021_10s0012CQ2021_10s0012 CQ2021_10s0013CQ2021_10s0013 CQ2021_10s0007CQ2021_10s0007 CQ2021_10s0015CQ2021_10s0015 CQ2021_10s0016CQ2021_10s0016 CQ2021_10s0019CQ2021_10s0019 CQ2021_10s0018CQ2021_10s0018 CQ2021_10s0022CQ2021_10s0022 CQ2021_10s0027CQ2021_10s0027 CQ2021_10s0032CQ2021_10s0032 CQ2021_10s0024CQ2021_10s0024 CQ2021_10s0034CQ2021_10s0034 CQ2021_10s0056CQ2021_10s0056 CQ2021_10s0036CQ2021_10s0036 CQ2021_10s0059CQ2021_10s0059 CQ2021_10s0042CQ2021_10s0042 CQ2021_10s0068CQ2021_10s0068 CQ2021_10s0079CQ2021_10s0079 CQ2021_10s0082CQ2021_10s0082 CQ2021_10s0151CQ2021_10s0151 CQ2021_10s0154CQ2021_10s0154 CQ2021_10s0101CQ2021_10s0101 CQ2021_10s0162CQ2021_10s0162 CQ2021_10s0172CQ2021_10s0172 CQ2021_10s0165CQ2021_10s0165 CQ2021_10s0177CQ2021_10s0177 CQ2021_10s0185CQ2021_10s0185 CQ2021_10s0193CQ2021_10s0193 CQ2021_10s0201CQ2021_10s0201 CQ2021_10s0211CQ2021_10s0211 CQ2021_10s0209CQ2021_10s0209 CQ2021_10s0077CQ2021_10s0077 CQ2021_10s0086CQ2021_10s0086 CQ2021_10s0087CQ2021_10s0087


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