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Find the ones who see who you are & keep them close enough so you remember. - Flying Edna

How freaking adorable are these awesome humans in their matching holiday jams?! Even 4-legged brother was included with his festive bandana! I still can not get over the poses these two kids were giving me. They were born for the limelight that is for sure. All the energy -- just in times for the holidays! So fun!


1P7A19991P7A1999 1P7A20151P7A2015 1P7A20291P7A2029 1P7A20381P7A2038 1P7A20541P7A2054 1P7A20661P7A2066 1P7A20731P7A2073 1P7A20771P7A2077 1P7A20781P7A2078 1P7A20851P7A2085 1P7A20961P7A2096 1P7A21031P7A2103 1P7A21081P7A2108 1P7A21331P7A2133 1P7A21461P7A2146 1P7A21591P7A2159 1P7A21661P7A2166 1P7A21671P7A2167 1P7A21691P7A2169 1P7A21711P7A2171 1P7A21801P7A2180 1P7A21931P7A2193 1P7A22021P7A2202 1P7A22051P7A2205 1P7A22141P7A2214 1P7A22871P7A2287 1P7A23201P7A2320 1P7A23441P7A2344 1P7A23661P7A2366 1P7A23731P7A2373 1P7A23751P7A2375 1P7A23841P7A2384 1P7A23951P7A2395 1P7A24011P7A2401 1P7A24261P7A2426 1P7A24701P7A2470 1P7A24781P7A2478 1P7A24971P7A2497


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