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That was the year they forgot about time & remembered what it was to fill the days with everything they loved best. Flying Edna

It's always pure delight to meet up with this crew. With sweet puppy in tow for a couple of snuggly pictures to start us off, we had a completely beautiful and colorful walk through the trees. These two siblings are all things playing, smiling, and posing. They are complete naturals! And it helps that they truly do just adore each other. 


CQ2021_10m0001CQ2021_10m0001 CQ2021_10m0005CQ2021_10m0005 CQ2021_10m0009CQ2021_10m0009 CQ2021_10m0010CQ2021_10m0010 CQ2021_10m0013CQ2021_10m0013 CQ2021_10m0015CQ2021_10m0015 CQ2021_10m0018CQ2021_10m0018 CQ2021_10m0019CQ2021_10m0019 CQ2021_10m0020CQ2021_10m0020 CQ2021_10m0022CQ2021_10m0022 CQ2021_10m0027CQ2021_10m0027 CQ2021_10m0032CQ2021_10m0032 CQ2021_10m0040CQ2021_10m0040 CQ2021_10m0046CQ2021_10m0046 CQ2021_10m0049CQ2021_10m0049 CQ2021_10m0059CQ2021_10m0059 CQ2021_10m0062CQ2021_10m0062 CQ2021_10m0067CQ2021_10m0067 CQ2021_10m0071CQ2021_10m0071 CQ2021_10m0076CQ2021_10m0076 CQ2021_10m0080CQ2021_10m0080 CQ2021_10m0083CQ2021_10m0083 CQ2021_10m0085CQ2021_10m0085 CQ2021_10m0088CQ2021_10m0088 CQ2021_10m0091CQ2021_10m0091 CQ2021_10m0092CQ2021_10m0092 CQ2021_10m0096CQ2021_10m0096 CQ2021_10m0098CQ2021_10m0098 CQ2021_10m0100CQ2021_10m0100 CQ2021_10m0101CQ2021_10m0101 CQ2021_10m0102CQ2021_10m0102 CQ2021_10m0104CQ2021_10m0104 CQ2021_10m0114CQ2021_10m0114 CQ2021_10m0159CQ2021_10m0159 CQ2021_10m0179CQ2021_10m0179


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