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You have never been in this exact moment before, so you dont need to pretend like you know exactly what to do. - Flying Edna

This sweet girl brought all her expressions to her 1 year session! Also in attendance were the most captivating eyelashes I have ever SEEN. Gah, so gorgeous.  This little one also travels around with her own fan club -- although she hardly needs it as I'm sure anyone who spends 2 seconds with her becomes an instant fan. At 1 year old she is so articulate -- in her own delightful, beautiful babble. All the intonation and expression! We all knew EXACTLY what she meant. Trust me. If there was any question - a simple eye brow raise did us all in. She was hesitant at first ... and suspicious when we brought out the birthday cupcake. But everything made sense when she hopped in the milk bath! xo


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