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I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always. 

This sweet girl kept us all on our toes with giggles, twirls, and bubbles! She also brought me the most beautiful unicorn picture I have ever seen. <3 A true sweetheart for sure! She is going to make the best big sister, too. Her little side kick is on the way - and big sis will undoubtably be ready with adventures, thoughtfulness, and snuggles! Cannot wait!! xo


1P7A67991P7A6799 1P7A67841P7A6784 1P7A68731P7A6873 1P7A68331P7A6833 1P7A68431P7A6843 1P7A68851P7A6885 1P7A68751P7A6875 1P7A68831P7A6883 1P7A68991P7A6899 1P7A69061P7A6906 1P7A69021P7A6902 1P7A69071P7A6907 1P7A69181P7A6918 1P7A69311P7A6931 1P7A69691P7A6969 1P7A69651P7A6965 1P7A69721P7A6972 1P7A70101P7A7010 1P7A70151P7A7015 1P7A70261P7A7026 1P7A70731P7A7073 1P7A71031P7A7103 1P7A71201P7A7120 1P7A71401P7A7140 1P7A71501P7A7150 1P7A71881P7A7188 1P7A71991P7A7199 1P7A72411P7A7241 1P7A72011P7A7201 1P7A72481P7A7248 1P7A72551P7A7255 1P7A72151P7A7215 1P7A72681P7A7268 1P7A73461P7A7346 1P7A73591P7A7359 1P7A73601P7A7360 1P7A73691P7A7369 1P7A73911P7A7391 1P7A73861P7A7386 1P7A74041P7A7404 1P7A74071P7A7407 1P7A74301P7A7430 1P7A74221P7A7422 1P7A74341P7A7434


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