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Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

This sweet big sister had a vision for her session! She brought along mom and dad, but her poses were all her own! The joy she got from clicking the button on my camera is only matched with how I feel! A natural photographer, for sure! She is just magic to be around - her presence is captivating! I cannot wait to see her as a big sister - she is going to totally rock that job for sure! xo


1P7A39091P7A3909 1P7A39251P7A3925 1P7A31651P7A3165 1P7A32041P7A3204 1P7A32431P7A3243 1P7A32711P7A3271 1P7A32851P7A3285 1P7A32911P7A3291 1P7A33141P7A3314 1P7A33341P7A3334 1P7A33531P7A3353 1P7A33691P7A3369 1P7A33841P7A3384 1P7A33861P7A3386 1P7A34311P7A3431 1P7A34501P7A3450 1P7A34581P7A3458 1P7A34651P7A3465 1P7A35161P7A3516 1P7A35341P7A3534 1P7A35901P7A3590 1P7A35931P7A3593 1P7A36391P7A3639 1P7A36441P7A3644 1P7A37021P7A3702 1P7A37241P7A3724 1P7A37511P7A3751 1P7A37531P7A3753 1P7A37631P7A3763 1P7A37991P7A3799 1P7A38461P7A3846 1P7A38511P7A3851 1P7A38691P7A3869 1P7A38701P7A3870 1P7A39461P7A3946 1P7A39541P7A3954 1P7A39601P7A3960 1P7A39801P7A3980 CO2_2639CO2_2639


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