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When joy is a habit, love is a reflex. 

How did 2 whole years fly by so quick!? This sweet boy is rounding out his second journey around the sun and had a whole TON of poses he has been practicing. This kiddo is a complete natural in front of the camera! He is not one to keep the limelight all to himself though - he made sure his momma and baby bro joined in the fun, too! Already an exceptional big brother! This silly boy loves to explore and made the entire session into an adventure! What an amazing kiddo! xo


1P7A18561P7A1856 1P7A15691P7A1569 1P7A15731P7A1573 1P7A15831P7A1583 1P7A15881P7A1588 1P7A15941P7A1594 1P7A16101P7A1610 1P7A16181P7A1618 1P7A16191P7A1619 1P7A16281P7A1628 1P7A16321P7A1632 1P7A16481P7A1648 1P7A16501P7A1650 1P7A16511P7A1651 1P7A16571P7A1657 1P7A16671P7A1667 1P7A16841P7A1684 1P7A17251P7A1725 1P7A17361P7A1736 1P7A17421P7A1742 1P7A17531P7A1753 1P7A17641P7A1764 1P7A17741P7A1774 1P7A17821P7A1782 1P7A17911P7A1791 1P7A17931P7A1793 1P7A18121P7A1812 1P7A18181P7A1818 1P7A18261P7A1826 1P7A18281P7A1828 1P7A18391P7A1839 1P7A18501P7A1850 1P7A18521P7A1852 1P7A18751P7A1875 1P7A18821P7A1882 1P7A19051P7A1905 1P7A19081P7A1908 1P7A19091P7A1909 1P7A19211P7A1921 1P7A19321P7A1932 1P7A19431P7A1943 1P7A19791P7A1979 1P7A19901P7A1990 1P7A19921P7A1992 1P7A20241P7A2024 1P7A20261P7A2026 1P7A20491P7A2049 1P7A21051P7A2105 1P7A21341P7A2134


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