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Your son will hold your hand for a little while buy your heart for a lifetime.

This momma made an executive decision for her sons birthday pictures this year - instead of doing a separate session - she invited me to his party for a couple of pictures before the fun started! This sweet boy was PUMPED! I cannot believe I have seen this sweet boy ON his birthday every year since his first! He is so loved by everyone and he shares that love right back with electric smiles, contagious giggles, and all the hugs and kisses! xo


1P7A69141P7A6914 1P7A64941P7A6494 1P7A64711P7A6471 1P7A65011P7A6501 1P7A64661P7A6466 1P7A65111P7A6511 1P7A65311P7A6531 1P7A65371P7A6537 1P7A65601P7A6560 1P7A66041P7A6604 1P7A66271P7A6627 1P7A6643bw1P7A6643bw 1P7A66801P7A6680 1P7A66781P7A6678 1P7A66941P7A6694 1P7A67131P7A6713 1P7A68311P7A6831 1P7A68391P7A6839 1P7A68441P7A6844 1P7A68521P7A6852 1P7A68931P7A6893 1P7A68621P7A6862 1P7A69031P7A6903


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