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Rain is just confetti from the sky.

This family didn't let a little rain stop their family session! Even when the radar showed zero clouds above us and the sprinkles came in strong ... like rain strong - they had smiles on their faces and sweetness in their hearts. LOVE this kind of positive energy. These kiddos played major rolls in keeping us on our toes, too. And baby boy just decided to peace out for a nap mid way through the session. Such a gorgeous family with the right mix of positivity, flexibility, and happiness! xo


CQ2021_p0001CQ2021_p0001 CQ2021_p0004CQ2021_p0004 CQ2021_p0005CQ2021_p0005 CQ2021_p0007CQ2021_p0007 CQ2021_p0008CQ2021_p0008 CQ2021_p0010CQ2021_p0010 CQ2021_p0012CQ2021_p0012 CQ2021_p0015CQ2021_p0015 CQ2021_p0016CQ2021_p0016 CQ2021_p0020CQ2021_p0020 CQ2021_p0026CQ2021_p0026 CQ2021_p0030CQ2021_p0030 CQ2021_p0031CQ2021_p0031 CQ2021_p0035CQ2021_p0035 CQ2021_p0036CQ2021_p0036 CQ2021_p0037CQ2021_p0037 CQ2021_p0043CQ2021_p0043 CQ2021_p0045CQ2021_p0045 CQ2021_p0047CQ2021_p0047 CQ2021_p0055CQ2021_p0055 CQ2021_p0066CQ2021_p0066 CQ2021_p0068CQ2021_p0068 CQ2021_p0077CQ2021_p0077 CQ2021_p0079CQ2021_p0079 CQ2021_p0082CQ2021_p0082 CQ2021_p0086CQ2021_p0086 CQ2021_p0090CQ2021_p0090 CQ2021_p0091CQ2021_p0091 CQ2021_p0093CQ2021_p0093 CQ2021_p0097CQ2021_p0097 CQ2021_p0100CQ2021_p0100 CQ2021_p0102CQ2021_p0102 CQ2021_p0104CQ2021_p0104 CQ2021_p0105CQ2021_p0105 CQ2021_p0111CQ2021_p0111 CQ2021_p0118CQ2021_p0118 CQ2021_p0119CQ2021_p0119 CQ2021_p0123CQ2021_p0123 CQ2021_p0124CQ2021_p0124 CQ2021_p0128CQ2021_p0128 CQ2021_p0129CQ2021_p0129 CQ2021_p0130CQ2021_p0130 CQ2021_p0131CQ2021_p0131


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