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Our roots say we're cousins, our hearts say we're friends.

Half of this gorgeous family was in town from New York, so when their back up rain date showed rain, too - we decided to go for it and take pictures in between rain drops! These 4 cousins are just the sweetest! They love each other like best friends and push each other like siblings, family to the core! We had so much fun even for a rainy day! xo


1P7A8232_11P7A8232_1 1P7A74861P7A7486 1P7A7489_11P7A7489_1 1P7A74721P7A7472 1P7A73851P7A7385 1P7A73761P7A7376 1P7A75561P7A7556 1P7A75531P7A7553 1P7A75641P7A7564 1P7A75711P7A7571 1P7A75681P7A7568 1P7A76141P7A7614 1P7A76781P7A7678 1P7A76861P7A7686 1P7A77511P7A7751 1P7A77471P7A7747 1P7A77151P7A7715 1P7A77651P7A7765 1P7A77011P7A7701 1P7A77591P7A7759 1P7A77821P7A7782 1P7A78281P7A7828 1P7A78721P7A7872 1P7A78861P7A7886 1P7A78771P7A7877 1P7A78961P7A7896 1P7A79091P7A7909 1P7A79481P7A7948 1P7A79691P7A7969 1P7A79771P7A7977 1P7A79901P7A7990 1P7A80121P7A8012 1P7A80551P7A8055 1P7A80921P7A8092 1P7A81441P7A8144 1P7A81711P7A8171 1P7A81551P7A8155 1P7A81781P7A8178 1P7A81751P7A8175 1P7A82321P7A8232 1P7A82691P7A8269 1P7A82781P7A8278 1P7A82961P7A8296 1P7A83181P7A8318


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