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Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So today is my new favorite day. Winnie-the-Pooh

There are very few things I enjoy more than hanging out with a bunch of kiddos - so when I get to meet up with this gorgeous fam my day is immediately made. Lucky for me it was a bright and early session this time! These kids all bring their own perspective, vibe, and energy. The love and attention is SO clear. Each kid knows how to jump in when needed ... or stand out when it the spotlight is on them. So much love for this gang! xo


CQ2021_d0001CQ2021_d0001 CQ2021_d0003CQ2021_d0003 CQ2021_d0004CQ2021_d0004 CQ2021_d0006CQ2021_d0006 CQ2021_d0009CQ2021_d0009 CQ2021_d0011CQ2021_d0011 CQ2021_d0013CQ2021_d0013 CQ2021_d0016CQ2021_d0016 CQ2021_d0017CQ2021_d0017 CQ2021_d0018CQ2021_d0018 CQ2021_d0020CQ2021_d0020 CQ2021_d0024CQ2021_d0024 CQ2021_d0025CQ2021_d0025 CQ2021_d0030CQ2021_d0030 CQ2021_d0031CQ2021_d0031 CQ2021_d0032CQ2021_d0032 CQ2021_d0034CQ2021_d0034 CQ2021_d0035CQ2021_d0035 CQ2021_d0041CQ2021_d0041 CQ2021_d0042CQ2021_d0042 CQ2021_d0044CQ2021_d0044 CQ2021_d0045CQ2021_d0045 CQ2021_d0046CQ2021_d0046 CQ2021_d0047CQ2021_d0047 CQ2021_d0050CQ2021_d0050 CQ2021_d0052CQ2021_d0052 CQ2021_d0054CQ2021_d0054 CQ2021_d0056CQ2021_d0056 CQ2021_d0059CQ2021_d0059 CQ2021_d0062CQ2021_d0062 CQ2021_d0063CQ2021_d0063 CQ2021_d0064CQ2021_d0064 CQ2021_d0072CQ2021_d0072 CQ2021_d0075CQ2021_d0075


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