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She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes.

With only a day of prep time this magical crew came together with outfits and sparkle and smiles, too! Little miss is growing up so fast. Big brother popped right into action from a full nap. And big sis is all things little momma guiding her siblings and making sure everyone was camera ready! xo


CQ2022_5r0001CQ2022_5r0001 CQ2022_5r0003CQ2022_5r0003 CQ2022_5r0010CQ2022_5r0010 CQ2022_5r0011CQ2022_5r0011 CQ2022_5r0012CQ2022_5r0012 CQ2022_5r0023CQ2022_5r0023 CQ2022_5r0024CQ2022_5r0024 CQ2022_5r0035CQ2022_5r0035 CQ2022_5r0039CQ2022_5r0039 CQ2022_5r0040CQ2022_5r0040 CQ2022_5r0042CQ2022_5r0042 CQ2022_5r0045CQ2022_5r0045 CQ2022_5r0053CQ2022_5r0053 CQ2022_5r0054CQ2022_5r0054 CQ2022_5r0057CQ2022_5r0057 CQ2022_5r0063CQ2022_5r0063 CQ2022_5r0070CQ2022_5r0070


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