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t i n y . h u m a n

December 15, 2019 - Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. - Winnie the Pooh This tiny human brought a little c...
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e v e r y t h i n g . a l w a y s

November 26, 2019 - Merry everything and happy always. OMG, can you say eye twinkle?!?! This one and his SMILES! They just leave you star s...
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s p r e a d . l o v e

March 25, 2016 - {Spread love wherever you go, let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.} Mother Teresa This little boy is MA...
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b r i g h t . h a p p y . y o u

March 11, 2016 - {Be bright, be happy, be you.} I have been so eager to meet this little girl! And, gah - she did NOT disappoint! With a...
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d r e a m . b i g

February 22, 2016 - {Dream big little one!} This little lady has changed so much in 6 months! From the sweetest little baby - to a thoughtf...
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l o v e d . y o u . a r e

August 24, 2015 - {Twinkle, twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are?} This little lady made us pull out ALL the stops. She was...
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p l e a s a n t

June 15, 2015 - {You are you. Now isn't that pleasant.} Dr. Seuss This girly is too sweet for words. She giggled, she laughed, she smil...
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q u i c k . p l a y f u l . c u r i o u s . s t r o n g

January 29, 2015 - {She is quick and playful and curious and strong.} Kate Spade This adorable girl and her family made their way from Chi...
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