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{For all the thousand things we do in the world, I love it best when we sit in the sunlight together, smiling quietly with the knowing that here is the perfect place to be.} Story People

This couple had such a beautiful, fun, and completely engaging wedding day! I was smiling ear to ear as I went through their images. Everything from a surprise guest that brought out bride's happy tears, to double cheek kissing for mom of the groom. Then there was the silliness that comes out of mother of the bride's mouth when looking proudly at her daughter! The Olbrich Garden venue was stunning from every angle - but this lovely couple truly made it sparkle. They are so adorably silly and relaxed about everything - and everything came together flawlessly. There were beautiful speeches (impromptu ones, too!), lots of cake, and a TON of dancing.  So happy for them and this fun new chapter to add to their already awesome story. xo


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