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"A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost."

Such a fun surprise shoot for this beautiful crew of cousins! These kiddos brought their best smiles, giggles, and ENERGY to their session! For a set of cousins they sure do act like siblings - helping each other, holding hands, and racing around like pros. They have such a fun life of friendship in their future! xo



CO11_m0004CO11_m0004 CO11_m0007CO11_m0007 CO11_m0002CO11_m0002 CO11_m0032CO11_m0032 CO11_m0033CO11_m0033 CO11_m0029CO11_m0029 CO11_m0026CO11_m0026 CO11_m0022CO11_m0022 CO11_m0023CO11_m0023 CO11_m0017CO11_m0017 CO11_m0018CO11_m0018 CO11_m0015CO11_m0015 CO11_m0010CO11_m0010 CO11_m0012CO11_m0012 CO11_m0020CO11_m0020 CO11_m0021CO11_m0021 CO11_m0001CO11_m0001 CO11_m0006CO11_m0006 CO11_m0013CO11_m0013


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