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"Those first moments are never where it begins. It takes time for us to come out from behind all the things we think we are, but after that, if we’re willing to stand there quietly, we start. To see & be seen. After that, we start to love." Story People

Arriving at this stunning church was a magic all its own. The acoustics were something you notice stepping into the sanctuary, a presence without a trace. It beautifully set the stage for a completely lovely ceremony, complete with communion and tradition. A heart warming champagne toast followed the ceremony - transitioning everyone from the excitement of the ceremony to the joyous celebration. We ran around downtown Madison for some pictures - finding our way around the Capitol and finally to the reception. I just adore everything about their reception venue, the classic elegance, the ease of flowing around the room. Happiness was everywhere. The support for this lovely pair is literally every direction they turn. Such an amazing day of love! xo


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